Schepen and schout - member of the city board and sherrif in 's-Gravenzande
Documents dated 2nd May 1656 mention Ahasverus as schepen. This was a public office that could include many responsibilities, from judge and administrative authority to member of the city council. On 4t July the same year, he is mentioned as shout, or sherrif in English, and the next year, on 25h March 1657, he was a substituut schout. Two months later, on 29th May 1657, he is again mentioned as schepen.

About Ahasverus and his siblings' children
See also SIEC Newsletter # 3, January 2001.
There are a few new pieces of information to add about two of Ahasverus' children:

Sweris Sweris Laroche - Ahasverus' illegitimate child in Monster
Our source to the follwoing is SIEC's contact in Monster, Gerard. This chapter is expanded as compared to the 2004 article in NST. See also Chapter 11-3.

The archives in Monster inform us about a Sweris Sweris Laroche - or Swerus Sweruszoon Laroche - first mentioned in militia list for the year 1672. While NST XXXIX-4 was in print by December 2004, the ties between the de Créqui dit la Roche family and Sweris were not yet certified. Thus, the article merely mentioned him due to a name which certainly hinted a connection. New information soon surfaced:  

Swerus Sweruszoon Laroche was first mentioned in militia list for the year 1672. The list is an inventory of able bodied men between 16 and 60 years of age - indicating that Swerus was born no later than 1656. He must have been born no earlier than 1641/42, which was the time the de Créqui dit la Roche family settled in Monster. Ahasverus denied any connection to the baby boy, but based upon the court records we must acknowledge his fatherhood.

Undated court record show that Sweris was the illegitimate child of Ahasverus de Créqui dit la Roche. The mother was Elisbeth [Betje] Adriaens, born in 1620. She came from a respected family in Monster, on the other side of the Vaart, and close to where the de Créqui family lived. Elisabeth was the daughter of Adriaen Claesz Vooijs and his first wife Trijntje Willems.

Betje's insinuation was that she and Ahasverus de Créqui dit la Roche had bodily conversation on several occasions, and that there was no other man. One of the midwives' obligations were to ask during labour for the father's name, and Betje confirmed while giving birth that Ahsverus was the father.  

In such situations, customary obligations for a mother were to:


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