So: Despite a slowed-down activity, we certainly have not shut down SIEC. The group remains live and well. If we should predict an end, it will be because we can celebrate le grand finale with the discovery of the real and true connection between the Dutch de Créqui dit la Roches and its ancestors - both de Créquis and others.

Until then, we cannot rest. And if and when such connections are found - well, then we most certainly cannot stop...

[1] To be correct, S.H. Finne-Grønn brought some new material later in the same issue of NST (1935), about Ahasverus' burial, and both Jæger and Ola Aurenes commented on Ahasverus the younger (born abt. 1671) illegal son, also in NST IV (1935). Some later articles, at least one by Olaf Jæger (Ætt og Heim, Stavanger 1951) deal with some of Ahasverus (the elder's) descendants.


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