No 5 - December 2001
Editor of this issue: Carsten Berg Høgenhoff, Oslo, Norway.
Editoral committee on this issue: Sigurd Lambek, Oregon, U.S.A., René Lesage, Fauquembergues, Pas-de-Calais, France and Erik Tøndevold, Asker, Norway.

About Johanna Jæger
According to the heraldic rules, Johanna Jæger - Ahaverus' eldest daughter - would indeed not be entitled to use the créquier herself, as she (we must add: wrongfully) did on the chandeliers still in use in Helleland church, Rogaland, Norway. Her "misuse" here is true, regardsless of Ahasverus de Créqui dit la Roche's right to use the créquier.

  1. There exits, in the British Library, a collection of manuscripts which supposedly comes from the Crequy-Frohans (18th century) and I am now giving you the list. The family LaRoche is mentioned here. Why not another source? The genealogists state that Hector de Crequy, founder of the branch de Crequy-Frohans, married in 1583 Louise Van Dorp, daughter of aDutch admiral. Not a single descendant of this couple has ben listed and Hector had his legitimate heirs of a second union. It is known that he fathered some bastards of whom we are not certain that we possess a complete list. Is this a source?


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