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10 years of genealogy on the world wide web online since September 1997

In September 2007 our first decennium online is a reality. Genealogy has been on our minds longer than this, but the web gave us a whole new set of tools. The jubilee is celebrated with a new web design.

Photo: From the left, Chaika, Steinar and Carsten at Lake Lutvann in Oslo on 8th Sept 2007

Above to the right: In June 1998, Carsten's cousin Angelika invited the family to Denmark for a family gathering. A CD was prepared for the occasion, with the genealogy web site as it looked at the time. The first of the images below shows the front page as it looked then.

Ill. above and below: Appearance and menus may have changed over the years - but already in 1998 the book cover from John S. C. Abbot's "History of Russia" (Dodd, Mead, and Company, New York 1882) has been in use in a slightly manipulated form: The word 'History' and the R from the original book cover was kept in "History of the Ravn, Burchard and Winnem families" and "History of the Ravn, Berg, Selsbak and Winnem families". With the small difference that has been between the opening pages and, the front page photo of Carsten's grand mother Asbjørg Berg also showed up on that part of the site some years ago.



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